How to Optimize Your Ad-Supported Streaming Service for Maximum Revenue

Based on a survey of over 3,500 respondents in Europe and the USA between the ages of 18-64, the report reveals that while the majority of viewers accept ads to watch content for free, most are not satisfied with the advertising being shown or how it is being displayed. Download the report.


How Viewers Experience Ads in Streaming Report

The report highlights that viewers are not entirely satisfied with the advertising or how it is displayed. Only 15% are very satisfied.

62% of the respondent ages 18-24 have abandoned an ad-supported service because of a poor ad experience

Europe has a higher percentage of people that prefer ads relevant to the content they are watching, while the USA prefer a combination of ads based on personal interest and the content they are watching..

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“The ability to better serve our audiences based on understanding key content characteristics, like mood, will change the way we deliver content to our subscribers. Given Vionlabs' industry-first technology, we've signed up to work with this platform for years to come.”

Dr. Jörg Richartz, Head of TV Strategy & Business Development, Deutsche Telekom